Uta Utane/Defoko




Official age:Unknown Fan age:15




164 cm (5'4")


2008 February 5

Vocal Range & Ideal Tempo

E3-G5, 80-150 bpm

Voice Source

AquesTalk Female 1



Character Item

Rocket-propelled grenade

"If I get real, I'll go even further."

Uta Utane, or Defoko is an official UTAU. She is the default voicebank for the UTAU program. Uta Utane literally means "song song sound," "uta" meaning song and "ne" meaning sound. Defoko means "default girl," "defo" meaning "default" and "ko" being a common name ending for girls. Both names can be used interchangeably.


Uta is cool and usually friendly. However, she can be unpredictable at times. She appears lonesome and dreary. Despite the fact that Uta considers Momo Momone her friend, she is usually seen bullying the latter.


Uta is present in the standard issue installer of UTAU, making her the program's default voicebank. Because of this, she is technically the "original" UTAU character. She, along with Teto Kasane and Momo Momone, were the first three UTAUs to be released to the public. Because of this, they are often refered to as "The Three UTAU Girls" and frequently appear together.

An English voicebank is in production, giving Uta the ability to sing in both Japanese and English.


Uta has short purple hair, on which she wears a darker purple beret. Her outfit greatly resembles a school uniform. She wears a purple shirt with a white vest, magenta tie, and cuffs of the same color. Her skirt is the same color as her shirt, with a stripe across the hem that matches her tie and cuffs. Her boots have the same color sheme as the rest of rest of her outfit, being mainly purple, with magenta soles and a stripe at the top. She wears a low profile gray headset.


  • Uta is the default voicebank for UTAU.
  • She is known as Uta Utane and Defoko, but never Defoko Utane
  • A joke adds a U behind every A in Uta's name, making her name "Utau Utaune."