"You are indeed stupid."

Teto Kasane or Kasane Teto


Chimera, female by human standards


31- Official age 15.5- Fan age


47 kg (103 lbs.)


159.5 cm (5'2")


1994 April 1

Vocal Range & Ideal Tempo

A3-E5, 70-150 bpm

Voice Source

Official UTAU


Pop, anison

Character Item

French Bread



Teto Kasane is a popular UTAU, created and illustrated by (Sen). Many fanmade characters are based off of her or use her voice. Teto is unofficially related to Ted Kasane.


Teto is depicted as being tsundere, but in a gentle way. She is cheerful and mischievous. Teto is addicted to bread and gets sad or angry if someone who has bread refuses to share. She also gets angry at people who think her pigtails are drills. Teto frequently teases her friends to show that she cares about them.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Ted Kasane: Genderswap, or Elder or twin brother.

Defoko: Friend

Momo Momone: Friend

Luna Amane: Friend


Teto was one of the first three UTAUs to be publicly released, along with Defoko and Momo Momone. She was originally introduced as a Crypton Future Media Vocaloid, following Hatsune Miku, and Kagamine Rin and Len. Some newer members of the Vocaloid/UTAU fandom still think Teto is a Vocaloid, and she is featured in many works alongside other Crypton Vocaloids, such as the manga, Hatsune Miku Mix, Piapro, and Project DIVA.


Teto has bright pink hair, with long bangs and two drill pigtails. Her eyes are fushia or red. She wears a grey and pink button up top, with matching detached sleeves, skirt, and black boots. Her side chain is fastened inside her skirt, sometimes with only one end fastened.

Teto's chimera alter-ego gives her bat-like wings and allows her side chain to move on it's own, like a tail.


Teto is designed to sing in Japanese. She does not have phonemes for other languages, and improvisation often gives poor results. Some have tried to make her sing in other foreign languages such as English. Her voice data is written in Kana, so Western users must convert the filenames into Romaji before using her.

Teto's voicebank has three versions, being the original release, the second being teto-02, and a new version, teto-03 alpha. Ameya, the author of UTAU, is reportedly involved in the tuning of Teto's voicebank, and teto-03 alpha is seeing regular use due to the improved quality over the previous versions. However, it is still in Kana, but experiments for non-Japanese vocalizations has seen some better potential for English.

Later, Kasane Teto's VB had gone onto her official site. Since that, two packages had been released: the "Tougou full, CV/VCV" and the "Tandoku lite, CV only" version. These two versions are seen updates regularly.

Teto has four availible appends: trilling R, breath noise ending, sakebi, and whisper voice.