Shiro Akita
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43 kg


167 cm


17 August


17 June

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Len Kagamine


Rock and Anison

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Shiro Akita is Fanmade UTAU, which is related character with Kasane siblings.
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Appearance Edit

He has short hair, yellow hair, turquoise eyes, pale skin and a pair of goggles on his head, his goggles able him to see any invisible objects, wearing hooded jacket with zipper open, cobalt blue headphones with icy blue lights with silver crystal on the edge, he also wears black shorts and blue boots with white socks.

Personality Edit

He is dependable, straightfoward, he also likes to skateboarding sometimes, he's shy and trouble communicating with others, Ted said that he's fluent in english. He hates Tei Sukone and Ritsu Namine because Tei call him 'Little carrot' and Ritsu always intimidating him all times.

History Edit

His creator, jasminelyoko has do a unexpected experiment on the Chemical +03 (looks like ppgz) when Rin and Len accidentally fall down to the chemical, it falling down towards to the glass and spills to the statue object jasminelyoko scolds to the Kagamine twins and they surprised the statue is changed to human, she named it Shiro Akita.

Trivia Edit

His blood type is A

His zodiac is Leo

He has a younger sister, Aki Akita

He hates snakes he will fainted if he near it.