This page will help users that plan on creating a new fanmade character decide which series type to give them. Even if you are not planning on creating a new character, this page is still helpful to those new to the fanmade UTAU community.

Fanmade UTAUEdit

Fanmade UTAU is the default series type for fanmade characters. Although all characters on this wiki are technically fanmade UTAUs, some of them have a different series type. Fanmade UTAUs usually have voices and are derived from another character. If the creator does not specify what the series type of the character is when first created, the character will automatically be considered a fanmade UTAU.


Utauloids are usually original characters that may or may not have a voice. If they do have a voice, it may be provided by the creator, meaning that the creator simply sings for the utauloid, and there is no actual voicebank. Voiceless utauloids are only considered utauloids if they are derived from an UTAU or have some association with UTAU. Utauloids may go on to become actual UTAUs.

If you plan on never giving your character a voice, utauloid is the series type to choose.

The capitalization of utauloid varies. There are three possible capitalizations: utauloid, the most commonly used; UTAUloid, almost as popular as utauloid; and UTAULOID, rarely used.

Fail UTAUloidsEdit

The UTAU version of Voyakiloid, Fail UTAUloids are the failure counterparts of UTAUs. Fail UTAUs have an undesireable voice rendering and properties that are abnormal of a proper voicebank. Fail UTAUloids must adhere to the UTAU Usage Policy.

There are currently about 15 fail UTAUloids.

A Fail Sub-UTAUloid is a Fail UTAUloid derived from a fanmade character.


Though this is technically a fanmade Vocaloid series type, some UTAUs also have it. BOUCALOIDs (or Boukaloids, translated so and so-caloid; or fake Vocaloid) are usually tsundere characters that are depicted as being internet trolls. Teto Kasane is a BOUCALOID.

Other Series TypesEdit

These series types were created for fanmade Vocaloids, but may also apply to fanmade UTAUs: Tsundeloid, Yandeloid, etc. Users may add to this list. You may also choose to create your own series type.

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