This page will tell you how to set up a new page for your fanmade character. Feel free to copy/paste this page when writing a new article.

Note: This page is set up to mimic an actual article. You may add or remove some sections, as long as most sections listed here are present.

"Use italics and quotation marks to write a quote for you character. This is optional." -Character name, and if neccesary, on subject

Character Name
Question Mark
Image of Character


Male, Female, or Other (Chimera, Unspecified, Robot, etc.)




lbs., kg, or both


ft., cm, or both


Year, month, day


Year, month, day

Vocal Range & Ideal Tempo

Xx-Xx, bpm

Voice Source

Name of UTAU, or Mascot (Character without a voice)


Pop, Rock, Energy, Ballad, etc.

Character Item


Write a brief introduction to your character. You may want to include creator, purpose, and other infomation that is not included in the infobox.


Include information about the character's personality, outlook on life, how he/she interacts with others, etc. You may also want to include relationships with other characters as a sub-section.


Include information about the character's history, such as why they were created, appearances, etc. You may want to divide this into subsections.


Include information about the character's design and who it was derived from/inspired by. This includes hair color, hairstyle, outfit, and physical features. If a feature is meant to mimic an object, state the object it mimics after describing it.

Voice ConfigurationEdit

If the character has a simple voice configuration (only one or two perimeters are changed,) simply state what is changed in a sentence or two. Otherwise, create a list, listing changed perimeters.


Add interesting facts about the character in a bulleted list.

Add categories. All articles should be under "Fanmade UTAU," and their series type.

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