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The Fanmade UTAU Wiki is a collaborative website for users of UTAU to post their fanmade creations. Anyone can create a new character!

This wiki features information on fanmade UTAUs, official UTAUs, and various series types.

Fanmade UTAU News

6/18/15: Though I'm not really contributing content to this wiki, I'm still watching over it. I'm glad to see it's still been getting some attention. Just a reminder, if you're trying to become an active contributor, please create an account so that you can be credited with your work. It's free and rather simple.

7/7/15: I've enabled the message wall feature to replace talk pages. Because this is a small wiki, some users may be relatively inexperienced, and I want to make sure there's a way to track messages.

And as always, feel free to contact me on my message board. MitsuSaire00 

Fanmade UTAUs and Utauloids

Technically, fanmade UTAUs and utauloids are the same thing. They are original or derived characters made by fans of UTAU that use the voice of an existing UTAU or have no voice at all. However, unless these voiceless characters are derived from an existing UTAU, they are often considered to be fanmade Vocaloids.

A fanmade UTAU is an UTAU-based character without a special series type. These characters usually have voices and are derived from another character. If the creator does not specify what the series type of the character is when first created, the character will automatically be considered a fanmade UTAU.

Utauloids are usually original characters that may or may not have a voice. If they do have a voice, it may be provided by the creator, meaning that the creator simply sings for the utauloid, and there is no actual voicebank. Voiceless utauloids are only considered utauloids if they are derived from an UTAU or have some association with UTAU. Utauloids may go on to become actual UTAUs. Some official UTAU characters are also considered Utauloids.

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