Aki Akita






43 kg


166 cm


21 April


17 June

Vocal range and vocal tempo


Voice source

Miku Hatsune


Trance and pop

Character item

Ski board

Aki Akita is a fanmade UTAU which she is the related character of Kasane siblings and Shiro Akita

Appearance Edit

She has long orange hair, which tied into a ponytail on the left, she always wear hooded jacket opened zipper, pink skirt with two speakers on it, she wear blue boots with white socks, turquoise eyes and a pair of goggles on her head. She wear pink headphones with silver crystal on the right side edge and icy blue light.

Personality Edit

She's cheerful and hard worker, she idolizes Uta Utane and Kasane Teto as her savior because she was bullied by Makune Hachi, Ritsu Namine and Kikyuune Aiko, she can be computer addicted because she always sit front of computer for a long time, she also good at pursuit information about database, song and etc she's good at skiing.

History Edit

She and Shiro was created by jasminelyoko while in the unexpected experiment with Chemical +03, she has created first than Shiro, she's always get along with her friends Ted, Uta and Teto also her older brother, Shiro Akita.

Trivia Edit

Her blood type is B

Her zodiac is Taurus

Her favorite foods are sushi, ice cream, chocolate cake and cookies

She also passionately hates Tei Sukone and Ritsu Namine, same as her older brother